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Banker Jr.

A free mobile app to help kids save - because kids count too.

Download App for Apple or Android.


YouTube Instructional Video.




Teach Your Children Dollar$ and $en$e, as featured in Macomb NOW Magazine.

Banker Jr. is a free mobile app to help kids save and learn money recognition and budgeting through games.  There is NO interface to any bank account - this is a learning tool designed for kids ages 2 through 10.

First State Bank is pleased to offer the Banker Jr. app as a community service.

Banker Jr. Features:

Interactive "passbook"

    • Kids can track spending, saving and giving goals
    • Kids can set savings goals for things like bikes, Wii
    • Parents can track allowance
    • App works across mobile phones and tablets

Additional "Passbook" features

    • Positive reinforcement
    • Birthday message
    • Music and sound

Financial Literacy Games featuring "Piggums", the animated guide to the world of Banker Jr.

    • Toddler - Piggums Candy Factory
    • Early Elementary School - Piggums Candy Factory/Memory Game
    • Later Elementary School - Piggums Dig/Matching Game
    • Early Middle School - Piggums Village/Deposit Dash

The mobile app works on Apple and Android phones and tablets (but not on laptop or desktop computers).

Download Banker Jr. from the App Store or Google Play today (search for FSB Banker Jr.).

Note: Multiple devices can access the same family account by usingthe same username and password