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ACH Origination Services

Managing funds electronically allows you to disburse and/or collect funds more quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a cost-effective service for payroll, reimbursed expenses, dividend payments, retirement benefits, and more.  Funds can be deposited directly from your account into another account at any financial institution in the United States.

  • Increases reliability and security for you and your employees
  • Provides added convenience for your employees
  • Minimizes time spent on bank reconciliation
  • Improves cash management
  • Minimizes time spent dealing with lost checks and reissues
  • Reduces costs incurred of issuing paper checks
  • Reduces fraud potential

Auto Debits

Receive fixed and varying payments directly from your customers' accounts at any financial institution.

  • Accelerates receivable collection
  • Saves time and money by eliminating deposit tickets and check processing costs
  • Provides added convenience to customers
  • Lessens overtime for peak billing and remittance processing

Cash Concentration

Businesses with multiple locations can consolidate funds into a single, easier-to-manage account.

  • Provides better cash management and improved investment opportunities
  • Improves cash management forecasting
  • Minimizes costs and delays caused by mailing checks

Corporate Payment

Initiate or receive payments directly through your First State Bank account.  This service is used by businesses paying one another for goods or services.

  • Offers greater control of disbursements
  • Provides better cash management
  • Reduces postage, administrative, and check printing costs
  • Reduces fraud potential

State/Federal Tax Payments

Initiate State and/or Federal tax payments easily, and addenda items required by State and Federal governments.  Includes payroll withholdings and child care payments.

Rates & Fees

 Rates and Fees:

ACH Origination using Business Online Banking
     Monthly maintenance fee:  $30    

ACH Originated Credits and/or Debits
     Per transaction:  $0.16

ACH Receiving Credits and/or Debits
     Per transaction:  $0.16

ACH Returned Item: $15

ACH Debit Block:  $15

ACH Debit Filter:  $15