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Compare Certificates of Deposit

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First State Bank offers different CD options and also many different terms to earn higher interest rates. Compare the different CD choices below and click on the name for more information.

  $250 Easy CD  Certificates of Deposit 
Best for: Those that have extra funds, want to earn higher interest, and be able to add to their account yet don't want to lock money up for a long period Those that need a safe, solid deposit account to preserve and grow funds at a guaranteed rate of return for a specific amount of time
Minimum to Open $250 $1,000
Monthly Maintenance Fee NONE NONE
Flexible Terms 6 month (182 day) CD 30 Days – 5 Years
Interest¹ Interest paid quarterly¹

Interest compounded and paid¹

  • at maturity for CDs less than one year
  • quarterly for CDs one year and over

Make additional deposits as small as $5

Automatic Renewal

Free 24/7 Telephone and Online Banking for account additions and monitoring

FDIC protection

Wide Range of Terms

Automatic Renewal

Free 24/7 Telephone and Online Banking for account monitoring

Interest may be automatically transferred into a FSB account or by check ²

FDIC protection

View our Rates

¹Withdrawals made before the maturity date may result in a substantial penalty.
²No minimum balance is required for a monthly payout, but interest must be more than $5.00 to receive by check.

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