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Personalized Debit Card FAQs

Q. What is a personalized debit card?
A. It's a normal debit card, except you get to choose the photo or image that appears on the card. Of course, there are image guidelines, but as long as your image complies with those basic rules, you can create a debit card that's unique to you. 
Q. Who can order a personalized debit card?
A. First State Bank (FSB) customers with an open and active FSB personal debit card may order a personalized debit card; provided your checking account is in good standing. 
Q. How much does a personalized debit card cost?
A. Unless waived as part of a promotion or as part of your deposit account type, your card-linked checking account will be charged a $9.95 design fee when your image is approved. 
Q. Can I put a picture on my ATM card or business debit card?
A. Not at this time.  Personalized debit cards are currently only available for personal debit cards.
Q. What if I'm not a First State Bank customer?
A. You need a First State Bank personal checking account with an active debit card in order to create a personalized card.  Learn more about First State Bank checking accounts - we've got a checking account that will work for you.
Q. How do I order a personalized debit card?
A. Simply click Design My Debit Card.  Here you will find full instructions on how to order the card. 
Q. Does personalizing my card change anything about my account, like my PIN number?
A. No. Your account and your PIN will remain the same. The only changes would be how your card looks and the expiration date since it's based on your card issue date. If you have any merchants set up for recurring withdrawals from your FSB debit card, you should notify them of the change in your expiration date to ensure your payments continue without interruption.  Your existing card will no longer work once you activate your new personalized debit card. Be sure to securely destroy your old card.
Q. Does a personalized card work just like a regular debit card?
A. They work exactly the same. 
Q. Can I have a different card design than my joint cardholder?
A. Yes. Both primary and joint cardholders on the account can request a personalized debit card. The images can be different on each card.  A design fee is applied for each design.
Q. How long will it take to receive my card?
A. After your request has been submitted and approved, you can expect your card within 10-12 business days via U.S. Mail.  
Q. Will my existing card work until my new personalized card arrives?
A. Yes.  Your existing card will continue to work until you activate your new personalized debit card. Please securely destroy your old card once the new card is activated. 
Q. How often can I change my card design?
A. You can change your card design as often as you want for a design fee of $9.95. Please note, your existing First State Bank debit card, whether it is personalized or standard card issued, will no longer work when your new personalized card is activated. 
Q. Do I need any special equipment to order the card?
A. You just need a computer with internet access.  
Q. How do I submit the picture? In what format should it be sent?
A. You will find instructions on the Design My Debit Card webpage. Many formats are supported but specific image guidelines do apply.
Q. What if I can't send the photo electronically, can I send a hardcopy?
A. No.  Photos can only be created through electronic submission of the image in the required format and resolution.
Q. How do I know if my image has been approved?
A. Every submitted image is reviewed for compliance and must also follow the image guidelines. Once your image is approved, you will receive an email notification stating your image has been approved.  Your card is submitted to production and, you should receive it in the mail within 10-12 business days.
Q. What if my image is denied?
A. An image will be rejected if it violates the image guidelines. If this occurs, an email will be sent to you. You can then resubmit a new image. This service may be revoked from anyone who continually submits images that violate the image guidelines.  In most cases, solving the problem may be as simple as selecting an image that isn't trademarked or under copyright.
Q. What happens when my card expires.  Will my new card still have my personalized image?
A. Yes.  Upon expiration of your card, any reissued cards will have the same image as your most recently requested design.
Q. If I lose my personalized card, will my replacement card have my personalized image?
A. No. A new card with a new account number and PIN on First State Bank's standard card design is ordered when a card I reported lost or stolen.  If you want another personalized card, you must submit another picture image. A $9.95 design fee will apply. 
Q. Can I order a new card using this system if my card was lost or stolen?
A. No. This service is not intended to replace a lost or stolen card. Report a lost or stolen card immediately to 800-554-8969.
Q. If I'm notified by First State Bank that my card has been compromised at a merchant or vendor, when my card is reissued, will it have the same photo as the card that was compromised?
A. No.  Cards that have been part of a large scale compromise are processed by an outside company that is only able to issue cards on First State Bank's standard card design. If you'd like another personalized debit card, please contact us and we can work with you to request another personalized card.
Q. What if I have additional questions?
A. Contact Us

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