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Switch to First State Bank

It's easy to switch your accounts to First State Bank!
We make it simple to keep your money close to home. Everything you need to make the switch is here, in four easy steps.

Step 1: Open Your First State Bank Account.

Visit the branch nearest you to open your First State Bank Account and we'll assist you in choosing the account(s) that's perfect for you, or open online. With any checking and savings account, you'll receive an ATM/Debit Card with fee-free* access to over 43,000 nationwide ATMs and free 24/7 telephone, mobile banking with mobile deposit and online banking with bill pay.

Stop using your old account but leave sufficient funds to cover any outstanding checks or pending automatic payments.

Step 2: Get Organized.

Use our Switch Kit Checklist (PDF) and gather all relevant information about your existing account(s). To begin, review your last few statements and note all incoming direct deposits and outgoing automatic payments.

Keep in mind, not all deposits or payments occur on a monthly basis. Some, like insurance payments, automobile association dues and federal and state tax returns/payments, occur on irregular intervals.

Step 3: Move Direct Deposit & Automatic Payments.

Move or establish Direct Deposits with your employer or other organizations using the convenient Direct Deposit Form (PDF).

Switch any of your Automatic Payments online by using the links provided below or by completing the Automatic Payment Transfer Form (PDF).

As an alternative, your First State Bank checking account comes with free online BillPay, which you can use to pay your bills from one secure website giving you more control over your money.




Credit Cards

Insurance Companies


Step 4: Close Your Old Account.

Close your old account and start using your First State Bank Account exclusively! Simplify, and use our Account Closure Request (PDF) form to send to your former banking institution.

Be sure all checks have cleared and all automatic deposits and payments have switched. If your account is an interest-bearing account, you should consider your account closing date accordingly.

Bring in your old unused checks and/or ATM/Check Card - we will buy them back from you for up to $25.**

Got questions about opening an account? Contact Us

*If we allow you to overdraw your account by use of your FSB ATM / Debit Card, applicable fees are charged for those overdrafts in addition to the amount overdrawn.

**A credit of $2 per pad for unused checks and $2 for your old ATM/Debit Card from another institution, up to $25, will be issued within 2 business days of receiving your old checks and/or ATM/Check Card.

To use the Switch Kit, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download link)

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