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Banker Jr.

A free mobile app to help kids save - because kids count too.

Download App for Apple or Android.


YouTube Instructional Video. As seen on Channel 7.




Teach Your Children Dollar$ and $en$e, as featured in Macomb NOW Magazine.

Banker Jr. is a free mobile app to help kids save and learn money recognition and budgeting through games.  There is NO interface to any bank account - this is a learning tool designed for kids ages 2 through 10.

First State Bank is pleased to offer the Banker Jr. app as a community service.

Banker Jr. Features:

Interactive "passbook"

    • Kids can track accounts
    • Kids can set savings goals for things like bikes, Wii
    • Parents can track allowance
    • App works across mobile phones and tablets

Additional "Passbook" features

    • Positive reinforcement
    • Birthday message
    • Music and sound

Financial Literacy Games featuring "Piggums", the animated guide to the world of Banker Jr.

    • Toddler - Piggums Candy Factory
    • Early Elementary School - Piggums Candy Factory/Matching Game
    • Later Elementary School - Piggums Dig/Matching Game
    • Early Middle School - Piggums Village

The mobile app works on Apple and Android phones and tablets (but not on laptop or desktop computers).

Follow these simple steps to activate the app:

    • Download Banker Jr. from the App Store or Google Play
    • Choose New User and fill in name, email, zip code and establish a username and password
    • Select First State Bank MI from the drop down menu
    • Check and accept the License Agreement
    • Begin to enjoy Banker Jr.

Note: Multiple devices can access the same family account by usingthe same username and password