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Account Alerts

Receive free, timely notifications via email or text message to your cell phone that alert you to information you need to manage your finances. 

Stay informed about your checking and/or savings account with our alerts feature – which is one of the services offered through Online Banking. Alerts can help you prevent late or overdraft fees, so be sure to keep your email up-to-date.

Typical account alerts include the following options:

  • Account balance falls below a specified amount
  • Account balance rises above a specified amount
  • Account is overdrawn
  • Specified check number clears
  • Transaction over the given amount occurs
  • Direct deposit is made to an account
  • Daily notification of available account balance

It's easy to set up and it's free* on Online Banking:

1.    Click either "read" or "unread" on the message line found at the top of the overview page.  Then click on "Alerts/Messages", then "Set-up New Alert". 

2.    For each account (if you have multiple accounts) determine which alerts you wish to add and follow the prompts to choose how you would like your alert delivered (email or text message.) If you want both a text message and an email, you need to set-up two alerts, one directed to your email address and the other to your text message email address (see chart below).

  • For email alerts – simply provide your email address
  • For text message alerts– refer to the chart below for your cell phone provider
Phone Provider Text Message Email Address Also known as


AT&T 10DigitPhoneNumber@txt.att.net Cingular, Go Phone,iPhone, Pacific Bell Wireless
Boost Mobile 10DigitPhoneNumber@myboostmobile.com  
Metrocall 10DigitPhoneNumber@page.metrocall.com  
Metro PCS 10DigitPhoneNumber@mymetropcs.com  
Nextel 10DigitPhoneNumber@messaging.nextel.com Sprint
Sprint PCS 10DigitPhoneNumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com  
T-Mobile 10DigitPhoneNumber@tmomail.net  
Virgin Mobile 10DigitPhoneNumber@vmobl.com Sprint
Verizon 10DigitPhoneNumber@vtext.com Vodafone

3.    Submit your request – that’s it! You will receive alerts entitled “Online Banking Message” that indicate the type of alert; these will be sent from ibanking@thefsb.com each time there is activity on your account and/or your alert is triggered.

To delete a request:

1.    Click on “Alerts/Messages” in the “Messages” section found on the account list page and your checking or savings account balance pages.

2.    Determine which account alert you wish to delete (if more than one is displayed). For more information, click on the alert numbers.

3.    Click “delete”

*While alerts are a free service, your phone provider may charge for text messages.

The use of account alerts requires signing up for Online Banking.