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Safe Deposit Boxes

 A safe deposit box is the perfect way to protect your valuables from an office theft, fire, or other disaster and keep them private. A range of box sizes and prices are available for your business.

Let us secure your valuables in a Safe Deposit Box inside your hometown branch office.


  • Wide range of box sizes and pricing
  • Safe from theft, fires, floods or other disasters
  • Private viewing rooms available at branch office

Safe Deposit Box Rates

Box Size Annual Cost
2 1/2 x 5 $40
3 x 5 $45
5 x 5 $55
3 x 10 $65
5 x 10 $80
7 x 10 $90
10 x 10 $140
10 x 15 $150
15 x 30 $310
16 x 32 $320

Special Situation Fees

Situation Cost
Deposit on two keys $10
Lost vault key $15
Vault Drilling $125 (next scheduled drilling)$225 (upon request)
Vault box exchange $10
Late payment charge (per month) 10% of annual rent (one month grace period)


 Safe Deposit Boxes not available at the First State Bank Kelly Branch located at 22711 Kelly, Eastpointe, MI.
Available only to First State Bank customers; fees for Safe Deposit Boxes must be paid through automatic transfer from a checking or savings account.