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Positive Pay/ACH Blocks & Filters

Effective and automated services that help guard against check and ACH fraud.

Positive Pay helps prevent check fraud and strengthen internal controls by systematically comparing checks presented on your account against checks that you issue on a daily basis.  ACH Blocking service guards corporate accounts against unauthorized ACH transactions. Positive Pay and ACH Blocking Services are easy-to-use and are accessible entirely through Business Online Banking.

Positive Pay

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  • You provide us with check number, dollar amount and issue date of each check written
  • When checks are presented for payment, we compare each check to your issue information
  • Any discrepancies are reported to you through Business Online Banking
  • You have the ability to view image and make a payment decision

ACH Blocks and Filters

You must be enrolled in Online Banking to use this service.


To enroll, please email us, call Treasury Management at 866-372-1275 or stop in at any branch.
  • You decide which companies are authorized to post ACH transactions, blocking those that are not authorized (aka block and return)
  • You can also select filters to review all incoming transactions or just certain transactions such as those over a dollar amount, per company or both
  • You have the ability to view ACH transactions and make a payment decision


  • Early detection of fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks and ACH
  • Convenient file transfer to bank
  • Instant exception images online for return or pay decision
  • Multiple-user access from multiple locations
  • Paper-free electronic delivery
  • Simplifies account reconciliation as unmatched checks are validated daily
  • Reduce time previously spent working on fraudulent items

Rates & Fees

Positive Pay

Monthly maintenance fee per account:  $25

ACH Blocks & Filters

ACH Block: $15
ACH Filter: $15
ACH Return Item: $15

The use of Positive Pay and ACH Blocking requires signing up for Business Online Banking.